Releasing Cancer Energies - 4 Audio Package
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Releasing Cancer Energies - 4 Audio Package

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Cancer - Energetic Support                                            


This package of 4 audios has been recorded to assist with some of the issues that need to be dealt with on finding out that either you or a 'Loved One' has been diagnosed with a serious illness in general, and specifically for a cancer diagnosis.

  • Releasing shock of diagnosis
  • Releasing shock for loved ones
  • Releasing energy work
  • Releasing fears of cancer returning

The aim of these 4 audios is to release all the stress and trauma from the shock of the very upsetting news so that calm decisions can be made and all concerned can feel a sense of inner peace.

Stress is a big cause of many illnesses so reducing stress is a big part of the healing process, and also allows more calm and peace to fill our minds, making life's challenges so much easier to live and cope with.

Listening to these recordings will assist you to keep your energy and vibration higher and more able to cope with life through the challenges that lie ahead.

The audios will release more layers each time you listen and help to bring about a much clearer energy field.

These audios will work for stress around all illnesses, even though cancer is specifically named.

Releasing Cancer Energies - Audio Package

4 mp3 downloads

  • Releasing shock of diagnosis
  • Releasing shock for loved ones
  • Releasing cancer energies
  • Releasing fears of cancer returning


The audios are between 2 -2.5 mins long and are very relaxing and calming to listen to.


As there are strict laws around alternative and holistic health products, I am not allowed to make any claims of healing. You can check out my customer reviews and customer testimonials below.

How each person responds to this energy work will vary depending on their stored energy and the severity of their symptoms.

If you have any questions or queries about this energy work then please do email me for more information. 



"When I had cancer I was in a very, very low place in my life, I could not think about anything, was in a very negative place did not think i could get through this until I bought the cancer releasing audios which were on Michelle Carter's website. I must say I didn't think they would help, but I thought i would give it a try. First when I bought them I would listen to them every second day, once I got used to them I would listen to them religiously every single day. I didn't get any side affects I did feel myself getting more positive and stronger and I do think they helped in my recovery. I would recommend them to anyone who has got cancer even if you don't believe they will work. I believe you don't have to believe in them for them to work for you. Finally I would like to thank Michelle for all her hard work and support in making these audios."

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