Disconnecting from dark & Floating into Light - 13 Item Package
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Disconnecting from dark & Floating into Light - 13 Item Package

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Feeling attacked & sabotaged by dark energies / spells & curses?

This audio package combines Powerful Disconnecting from dark energies with Floating into Pure Light energy work, making the process of feeling and being free of attack and sabotage so much easier to do!


Energy work included in these audios is:

      • Filling and Floating energy work to raise your vibration
      • Releasing and Clearing of dark energies stored in you
      • More Filling and Floating energy work
      • Disconnecting from grids and matrixes
      • Clearing all energies leaving out of your energy
      • More Filling and Floating so you're left feeling Light and good!

This combination of Floating before, during and after the Disconnecting energy work feels amazing and it is so needed when working with such dark, nasty and evil energies!

Many Light Workers come to Michelle for assistance to shift dark energies and she has become very well known for her abilities to do this powerful releasing of dark energies & as well as releasing spells & curses.

Michelle - You are nothing short of a miracle worker!
I have had 5 other healers in the last year try to tackle the dark energies that were holding my body and my life hostage and they barely scratched the surface. After one live session, one phone session and using your audio releasing packages I finally feel like I am free. After a year in hell I am getting my life back on track.
I am looking forward to clearing out the remaining debris in the next couple of weeks in your new Intensive program. No limitations!
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
much love and light,"  -  Beth Joy USA


Powerful Disconnecting & Floating Audios (mp3 downloads)

As I have raised my own vibration, more information has come in which has led me to do Floating and Disconnecting work, which is proving to be so much more powerful than the releasing and filling alone. These audios combine all of these techniques and really go deep!

PLUS NEW MULTI-LAYERING! Using some new very powerful techniques, these audios have a brand new layering embedded into them to really shift the energies out super quick!

The silent backing layers are working to:

  • Float and raise your vibration to make all the energy work easier
  • Disconnect your energy from all dark energies attacking you
  • Clearing all the energies as the leave to Source so you don't feel them
  • Fill your energy with Pure Love, Light, Peace & Truth so you are attracting good to you
  • Floating your energy again after the energy work is done to raise your vibration again

These backing layers are incredibly powerful and are really making the whole disconnecting and releasing process so much easier to do.


I wanted to share with you my experience with using your mp3s yesterday. For several days I have had a painful neck. I couldn't turn my head from side to side without pain and movement was quite limited. I assumed that I had slept in a poor position and had strained the muscles because the muscles were sore.

Yesterday, I felt drawn to play the Disconnecting from Dark from your Energy Field and Disconnecting from Dark from your Heart mp3s. Immediately after I played them, the pain was 99% gone! I could turn my head from side to side without any pain or restriction. All of the heaviness and tightness had disappeared and my neck felt free again So, I wanted to send you a big thank you!

Also, your mp3s are an incredible daily support and a wonderful vibrational boost for me and my family." -  Patricia

Powerful 12 Audio Package

These audios are mp3 downloads


Audios 1-7  Disconnecting & Releasing dark energies

To thoroughly disconnect and release all dark energies, I have 7 audios to work on different parts of your energy. We all have different energy fields and so each person will feel something different for each area. It is important that you do work with all of the audios, even if you think you don't need one of them.

Very Powerful Audios to Float, Disconnect & Release dark energies from the following areas:


All those beliefs, programs and patterns that keep you stuck like a hamster on a wheel! Time to get out of your mind energy and into your heart and soul!


All physical illness comes from a dark source. Pure does not make us ill, so shift out the dark and restore your body to good health.


Happy, uplifting and supportive emotions come from Pure Source and all those negative emotions of not good enough, unworthy, shame, blame, guilt, jealousy, feeling suicidal all come from a dark source. Disconnect and release and feel the good!


Feel the Pure Love flow through your heart as you shift out the dark barriers that are stopping love from flowing freely to you so you feel loved and can give and receive love.


Many Light-workers have or have had issues with speaking up and feeling safe to freely express themselves. Shift out the dark and feel free to BE YOU and lovingly express your True Inner Self!


Our Divine Connection, guidance and source of our Divine Integrity and discernment. We all need a very strong soul connection and dark energies really don't want you to have one! So shift the dark stopping you from feeling your soul and feeling powerfully Light!


Our energy field is like a bubble of protection space around us. If our bubble is filled with Pure Love and Light then we will be repelling dark and feel safe and protected. If our bubble is being attacked and has dark in it then that allows more dark in. We need to have a strong Pure Energy Field to keep us safe.

These audios include the following energy work:

  • Filling with Pure & Divine Energies
  • Floating into Pure Vibrations
  • Disconnecting from dark energies
  • Releasing dark energies
  • Clearing releasing energies
  • Filling with Pure Energies
  • Floating into Pure Energies

(Approx. Length: 8 - 9 mins)


Audio 8 - Reversing dark programs audio

When you become aware of how much dark programming you have been under it can be a bit freaky to say the least! So this audio has been designed to reverse any programming that may have been done during your life from any dark energy or any energies that were not totally Pure.

The more I work with people to release and shift out dark energies, the more I hear and find out that many of these dark energies are actually being infiltrated into people through relationships, family, friends, religion as well as through some spiritual practices in very hidden ways, so please do use this audio, even if you think you don't need it, because I believe we all need this energy work!

If you have been adversely affected by anyone in your life who didn't have a pure intention, then this audio will work to reverse this damaging programming. As well as working on evil and dark energies, it also works on stored energies relating to abuse and being abused.

(Approx. Length: 5 mins)

Audio 9 - Releasing & Floating above spells & curses


This audio really is a God send to those people whose lives are being plagued by spells and curses. Many situations and issues are actually caused by a spell or curse without us even knowing this. Recent work on a group has shown that allergies, hay fever etc. actually responded better to the spells and curses audio than other releasing audios. (This does vary from person to person and not everyone is affected by spells and curses, in fact many people are not.)

Sometimes an issue can be dark energies and sometimes it can be spells and curses and the right release is needed to shift the issue. It is a good idea to work with the Spells & Curses Audio first to release any spell energy and then move onto the dark energy audios afterwards.

The Releasing & Floating Above Spells & Curses Audio is a very powerful way to remove spells, curses and witchcraft that have been placed on you and your belongings. Any of our belongings can also be affected by spells and curses, often our computers, phones or cars will play up for no reason and then when this spells & curses audio is played the issues just go!

This audio is truly amazing & has been called a piece of Divine Magic! It is very powerful and will not only work on spells & curses placed on you but will also work, when played on loop, for your computer and belongings.

(Approx. Length: 8 mins)


Audio 10 - Pure Source Light Protection


Feel safe and protected with this powerful audio.

A totally easy and safe way to feel and be protected.

You can play this audio when you are out to always feel safe, knowing that Pure Light is filling and protecting you, your energy field and the immediate area around you.

It fills you and your energy field with Pure Source Light to protect you and repel dark energies attacking you. Also you can use this audio to clear any space you are in, your home, car, computer and belongings and take it out with you to feel safe when on the move.

This Pure Light Protection audio has the protection work being done in a very powerful silent layer, so you hear the calming and filling layer, whilst the protection energy work is being done really powerfully behind the scenes.

There are over 10 additional layers of energy work and some of these layers are multi-layered, making this audio very powerful and now includes clearing the releasing energies away and filling you with Pure Love & Light, as it protects you.

Using Pure Source Light is incredibly powerful, and I have been using it throughout my energy work, often having it playing on silent loop whilst doing energy work and throughout live calls.


Audio 11 - Clearing for Intense Energy Work Audio

Powerful Clearing Away of Releasing Energies

A must have for all intense energy work!

If you are working on releasing and disconnecting from dark energies, spells, curses and other very intense energy work then this Clearing Audio has been designed for you! 

The more power we use to clear away dark and evil energies the deeper we can go, which is great and just what we want, but feeling these energies leaving is not so great!

This powerful audio has 3 layers of 'Clearing off earth' on silent, working in the background as you listen to 'Floating into Realms of Pure Peace & Stillness' which is keeping your vibration as high as possible to assist in clearing out these nasty energies!

This audio is for those who are used to my energy work and have already worked with other audios.

Approx length: 6 mins - mp3 download (Can be played on loop) 




The audios are very powerful, so please do not listen to more than one audio a day until you are sure of how you will react to them.


"I have been in an intense cutting dark energies program and can say first hand that Michelle's work goes very deep and is very thorough. If you have these energies in your energy field, they will be released by Michelle's work.
I am feeling so much lighter these days and highly recommend the dark energies program to all of those who are clearing their fields of negative dark energies, and want to clear them for good. Michelle is compassionate and very aware of how her work can affect people. Because of this a closeness develops between all those participating in the program. It has been a very important part of my spiritual journey. I highly recommend it for those who are willing to experience sometimes uncomfortable feelings and emotions that are being released."  -  Amy S - USA


Audio 12 - Filling & Floating with Pure Light Audio


This powerful audio will also really help to shift out the dark energies. The Law of Attraction says that "Like attracts Like & Opposites Repel", so playing Filling & Floating with Pure Light will repel the dark energies as they release and help you to feel safe and protected, whilst adding more Vibrations of Light to your energy and floating you into a beautiful feeling of Pure Light!

It is also filling up any space created by the dark energies leaving with Pure Light so your energy is constantly being filled with Pure Divine Light. The Floating Energy Work is raising your vibration into the highest vibration possible in each moment, which is keeping you feeling good and making the whole process easier.

This audio can be listened to on it's own to cleanse your energy field and to keep repelling dark energies whenever you listen. It works really well with the Super Clearing Transmission Audio if you should over-listen to the dark energy audios.

(Approx. Length: 4 mins)

Item 13 - Private Support Group with Daily Connection to Michelle

Having support whilst disconnecting from and releasing dark energies is just so so needed and is really valued and appreciated! Just knowing you are not the only one feeling something can be such a relief. Sharing is very healing and you will also get lots of support, tips and advice on how to shift out of dark into Light in the easiest way possible from those who have done it!

Michelle's Facebook groups are known to be so loving and supportive and a safe place to express how you are feeling. Many groups want you to just be positive this is a place where you can speak openly and be heard without judgment and receive lots of empathy, comfort and support from those who have been through it!

This group is totally private, so only members can see the group, who is in it and read the comments inside the group. 

The group is there to support you so:

  • Ask questions
  • Get answers
  • Ask for Pure Love, Light and healing
  • Express how you are feeling and let it all out!

This invaluable support from Michelle and like-minded souls has no expiry date and will be there for you as long as you wish to connect and use it!

"If you are feeling like you need some support and healing,I would definitely recommend Michelle's energy work, it is very powerful! She is one of the kindest, genuine & caring people I know and does amazing work for Humanity and the planet.
Michelle has a Facebook group where you can connect with like minded souls where you can feel safe and get loads of support.
I believe in doing energy work everyday to raise my vibration so I can help others! :-)

Michelle's newest package Disconnecting from dark is the most powerful energy work to date."  - Jacqui Venter, S Africa

"Many healers heal, but few stand by you and support you through the tough times which often come when one starts to work with and release all the stored up low energies...she has created around her a group who truly, truly love and support one another, the likes of which I have never experienced before. There is true healing, power and compassion in every word, every clearing and every thing she does. I know there are many great healers around today, Thank God, but I would not recommend any other than Michelle, because she is pure Divine Love & gratitude for you."  - Rachel L

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