Super Clearing Transmission
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Super Clearing Transmission

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Super Clearing Transmission clears away Releasing Energies

Super Clearing Transmission is designed to reduce feeling a Healing Crisis or Feeling Releasing Symptoms.When you are doing powerful energy work or over-listen to a releasing audio, we can feel the energies leaving giving us physical or emotional symptoms that are unpleasant.



The following audios are all Clearing Audios, ie they clear away releasing energies after releasing, disconnecting and cutting ties energy work:

  • Super Clearing Transmission
  • Float ClearTransmission
  • Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms

Audios Super Clearing Transmission and Float Clear Transmission do the same thing, but in a slightly different way. The Super Clearing is sending the energies to source so you don't feel them, Float Clear Transmission is raising (floating) you above these energies so you don't feel them. Both are good, so it is personal preference, Float Clear Transmission is newer than the Super Clearing Transmission.

Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms is similar but it is also Disconnecting you from any matrixes, grids and webs that are causing and creating these releasing symptoms and healing crisis etc. So long term this is tackling the root cause rather than fixing it in the moment which the other two audios are doing, so this is the newest and most powerful, but you may have some releasing when you first listen to until the disconnecting has taken place.

If you are new to my work then I recommend you start with my Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms Audio, which should prevent the majority of releasing feelings and healing crisis. This is my latest and most powerful work!

My Super Clearing Transmission is a great option for those on a tight budget.It works most powerfully when looped, or listen through head phones.


  • Filling with Pure Source Light
  • Multi-layered Filling with Pure Love
  • Multi-Layered Releasing All Releasing Symptoms
  • 2 layers of Sending to Source

When using this Super Clearing Transmission the releasing energies do just fly out without you feeling them! These layers are on silent so you enjoy the main transmission.

Most definitely a welcome addition when releasing dark energies, cutting ties or accidentally looping a releasing audio!

Audio - mp3 download, Length Approx: 8.30 mins

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