Pure Source Light Protection
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Pure Source Light Protection

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Feel safe and protected with this powerful audio.

A totally easy and safe way to feel and be protected, that you can carry with you and always feel safe, knowing that Pure Light is filling and protecting you, your energy field and the immediate area around you.

With the current shift and crazy energies this audio is a real must for everyone! You will so value it when you feel the power it has.


Pure Source Light Protection

Using Pure Source Light is incredibly powerful, and I have been using it throughout my energy work, often having it playing on silent loop whilst doing energy work and throughout live calls. Some of the energy work I do with clients to release and remove dark energies and entities is with really nasty energies and this audio along with my Pure Light  Protection Image and Floating Above Spells and Curses really keep me and my computer safe from attacks when doing this energy work. 



So many people these days are feeling attacked from invisible energies. It can be really hard to shift out of this if you don't know what is going on and many people are not open to talking about this!

If you are feeling attacked then this Pure Light Protection Audio will help you to feel safer and more protected, especially when doing releasing work on dark energies which can create a bit of a stir!

Light-workers really value and appreciate this audio, along with all my work to release and get rid of dark energies and being attacked.



The audio fills you and your energy field with Pure Source Light to protect you and repel dark energies attacking you. Also you can use this audio to clear any space you are in, your home, car, computer and belongings and take it out with you to feel safe when on the move.

This Pure Light Protection audio has the protection work being done in a very powerful silent layer, so you hear the calming and filling layer, whilst the protection energy work is being done really powerfully behind the scenes.

This audio calls on Archangel Michael to protect you, all the Angels to comfort you and includes Divine energy. If you have issues / programming with these words then do check out my latest Pure Protection & Repelling All Evil Audio.

There are over 10 additional layers of energy work and some of these layers are multi-layered, making this audio very powerful and includes clearing the releasing energies away and filling you with Pure Love & Light, as it protects you.

Audio - mp3 download

Length: Approx. 4 mins - (can be looped)

Recommended Audios to Use with Pure Source Light Protection.

A Clearing Audio is recommended to keep the releasing spell energy clearing out of your energy field. Clearing for Intense Energies is the most powerful for this.

You will receive more detailed listening instructions after you order.

To start with treat this audio as a releasing audio as it is very powerful.

Once you are used to it you can then build up to listening more often and it can be played on loop with your clearing audio and Pure Protection.


"I can really feel the power in this audio Michelle, I feel so safe when I listen to it, thank you for this much needed audio."  - Kimber, USA

Pure Source Light Protection and Pure Protection Repelling All Evil

What is the difference between these two audios?

Pure Protection Repelling All Evil

Uses Pure Energy, Pure Universal Energy, Pure Love, Light, Truth and Stillness.
This audio does not use or include Divine, Angels or Heaven.
Backing layers on this audio are more powerful and include repelling all evil, making this audio very powerful.
Soft echo is used to enhance certain words through the left and right headphones. 
More Powerful Audio and highly recommended for current global shift energies and disconnecting from dark, evil and demon energy.
Recorded in June 2018
Approx 19 mins long
Cost £22.99 

Pure Source Light Protection

Uses Pure Source Light Energy and calls on Archangel Michael to protect you and the Angels to comfort you.
The word Divine is used in the audio.
'Filling with Pure Light' is used as a quieter backing track to keep you and the audio filled with Pure Light throughout. 
An excellent powerful protection audio for those on a tight budget.
Recorded in November 2016
Approx 4 mins long
Cost £18.99

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