Filling & Floating with Pure Love
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Filling & Floating with Pure Love

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Love, Love, Love - we all need is love!

I'm sure you've heard the saying 'Love makes the world go round!' and whilst we do need more than love to live, having love is a huge part of living a happy and fulfilled life.

Not feeling loved causing so many emotional issues that get stored in our energy and disrupt and mess up our lives! More love can only be good! The more love energies we have stored in us the easier our life is going to flow!


Here are some of the amazing benefits of being filled and floated into Pure Love:

  • You feel loved and so find it easy to give, receive and flow love to others
  • You are emotionally balanced and feel happy
  • You are strong through feeling loved, safe and secure
  • You feel Light and floaty with the floating energies!
  • As your vibration floats higher you attract more love to you!

When we don't feel loved then there is so much negativity that is stored inside of us that is attracting more negativity and low energies to us.

People who don't feel loved are more likely to suffer from:

  • Depression, desperation and feeling suicidal
  • Feeling not good enough, not worthy or deserving
  • Low self esteem and self-confidence
  • Lower immune system and health issues
  • Emotionally fragile and easily upset
  • Being a target for abuse and nasty behaviour
  • Being attacked energetically and psychically
  • Feeling isolated and cut off
  • Prone to addictions, self abuse and destructive behaviour

The list could go on and on, but I'm sure you're getting the picture as to how important it is to have love in your energy. We attract what is stored in us, so the more love energy or 'love magnets' be have in us the more we are attracting love and good to us!

Filling with Pure Love has so many benefits that it is crazy not to be doing this! And if we then add lots of Floating energies in this makes the experience much lighter, higher and more powerful, so if you'd like to really raise your vibration with Pure Love and feeling floaty then this is your audio!

Not only will you feel so much lighter and more loving but these beautiful Pure Love and Floating energies will help move you from thinking to feeling, as the Pure Love feeling flows through your heart energy and then raises you into even higher Pure Love vibrations. It is through 'feeling' that we are connected to our Divine connection and discernment, which is so necessary to stay on a higher Divine path through life.


This is a very simple but incredibly powerful audio. The words are "Floating, Floating, Floating, Filling with Pure Love" repeated throughout the audio, with multi-layering.

The vibration of the words "Pure Love" is very high, much higher than the vibration of Love or Divine Love, so hearing these words repeated is a very powerful way to fill your energy with vibrations of Pure Love.

If you are lacking love energies or magnets then this audio will really help you to fill up with the essential energies that are like food to our emotions.

Layering: Multi-layered and echo through the left and right headphones enhances the audio and increases it's power.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 4 mins


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