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Global Shift - White, Grey, Black - Where are you Vibrating?

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What is the global shift all about?  Well I expect each person asked this question would give a different answer. The shift is huge and there are so many different aspects to it! I could answer this and discuss many different aspects too! For this article I am going to talk about:  White, Grey & Black So what am I talking about? Well, I am using colours ,which we can all easily associate with and visualise, to explain vibrations.  If we imagine a huge scale or ladder going from black to white, passing through many shades of grey and then take this...

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Are You Fighting the Universe?

Energy Global Global change Michelle Carter

What are You Choosing Flow or Resistance? The planets are really pushing us into change right now. The energy really is 'it's time to move out of the old and all that hasn't served you in the past' into a new awareness and a new way of living. When we accept this change is needed and going to happen, then we can go with the flow and allow the universe to guide us through the process, just as it did with me and moving house in such a short space of time and also with the publishing of my book,...

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The Global Shift & A New Way of Living!

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Well I say 'A New Way of Living', but actually it is very, very old! It's the way we used to live before industry and technology took over, and the way natives still live today. I'm not referring to lack of industry and technology though, I'm talking about how we have  lost touch with nature and our inner instincts that guide us so well.  We are all so programmed by society to live by rules and regulations and to think our way through our lives. This is such a large block for so many people that I was guided to...

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Were You Loved from Birth or Not & Why Does This Matter?

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As an Energy Healer this question has often popped up, especially when my clients used to shift out of an issue quicker than me! This seemed crazy to me, as I knew that the energy work I was doing on myself each day was so much powerful than what many of my clients were doing, so how could they possibly shift quicker than me?Well in this instance, it wasn't about the amount or quality of energy work being done, so what was going on?When I looked at this in more detail it came down to what energy we had stored...

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Hidden Forces & Law of Attraction

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Do You Feel Like there are Hidden Forces are Working Against You? I hear from so many people that they have been working on their energy for many many years, but still aren't where they want to be, still not feeling that Happy for no Reason Feeling and still feeling stuck, trapped or being stopped by some hidden forces.     So are there hidden forces working against you?  To answer this question, I'd like you to imagine that the whole of your mind, body, spirit, energy field and all past lives are an iceberg. There is the 1/3 above...

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