Be Energetically Free from the Slavery of Money!

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Be Energetically Free from the Slavery of Money!

Quite a title or statement and I guess the place to start with this is to share how and why we are energetically enslaved by money!



First of all we are all connected in energy and through physical means also. The monetary system that we have, ie physical money and the banking system is run with an evil intention to take more and more money off the hard working people to give to the rich and elite.

This is not a good energy to be connected to and if you have integrity and feel energy deeply then you will most likely feel like you don't want to earn money because you can feel the evil in the system. If this is the case then you will benefit from learning about new currency systems so that you can be excited about earning money and sharing a new and better way of living!


Most people do have so many beliefs around money, that have been passed down from parents, society, religions through generations that really are not working for them. They are not positive and do not give positive results!

One of the first we need to do is to release and get rid of these destructive beliefs and the low emotions that are triggered by having these beliefs. Often we take on these beliefs without being aware that we are doing this and it becomes our normal. Until people question all the beliefs they have and choose to release and kick out the ones that are destructive then those beliefs are literally controlling and guiding their choices and their lives.

Webs & Matrix of Money

Have you ever thought about this global grid, web or matrix of money that we are all connected to? Those who don't have money are literally homeless and on the streets. Is this how the majority of the world want to treat people? I don't believe it is at all.


As long as we are connecting to this grid, and we all are if we have and are using money, then we connected to this whole immoral way of living that is controlling humanity and basically enslaving humanity to working crazy hours to earn enough money to survive, now that is not living! That is just existing.

We are beautiful Divine souls in a human body, on earth to experience the amazing feelings of sharing love through physical touch and seeing through human eyes. We have five senses that are unique to our human experience and being here on earth is supposed to be about really enjoying the experience of feeling love and Pure energies through seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. We can feel such joy and high energy through smelling the beautiful fragrance of a rose, yet how many people do this and how many are so trapped by working to earn enough and then media, tv and phones when not working to escape the work?



As more and more people choose to disconnect from this evil web and control of money and humanity then that web becomes weaker and weaker giving back the Power to the People! 



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  • Learn how we are trapped in global grid or matrix
  • The energy of money
  • How we are all connected in energy and physically
  • Alternatives to what we now have
  • Do the same and you get the same!
  • Learn what action you can take to take control of your finances, your future and your life!


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